The Ultimate Co-Sell Webinar Planning Toolkit is the only one you need.

Generate more leads, create more opportunities, and grow your business. This is your ultimate guide to plan, organize and run your next Co-Sell Webinar with Microsoft. Get a clear vision every step of the way, and learn how to execute each process of your webinar directly from the experts.

"This co-sell webinar toolkit is designed to provide you the foundation to build your webinar engine framework and templates to accelerate you webinar planning and execution. All the frameworks in this toolkit were created and curated from 10 years' worth of webinar and co-selling experience on the front lines. The toolkit is organized to launch your co-sell webinar with Microsoft in sequential process so you and your team to execute easily and effectively. 

I always have, and always will keep using this toolkit for my webinars. It's relevant now and still will be 10 years down the road. It's the formula I swear by that helps me deliver the world class webinars possible. It's the best one you can ever get!"

Chaitra Vedullapalli

Co-Founder and CMO, Meylah

What’s in the toolkit?

At Meylah, we know how overwhelming it can be to figure out how to run a Co-Sell Webinar from scratch, especially when you're partnering with a big brand such as Microsoft. This Toolkit will serve you as guidance for planning, setting up, and running your next Co-Sell Webinar with Microsoft.

What will you get from the Toolkit?

Complete insight on every step of making a Co-Sell Webinar:

How to set up your Co-Sell Webinar Plan

How to set up your Co-Sell Webinar Communications Engine

How to Set Up your Co-Sell Webinar Registration Platform

How to Develop Your Co-Sell Webinar Creatives and Presentation

How to Publicize your Co-Sell Webinar

Running a Co-Sell event with Microsoft has never been easier, thanks to this Toolkit.

Whether it will be your first Webinar with Microsoft or even if you've done some in the past. Running a Co-Sell event from scratch can be a very tricky path to walk. That's why we decided to create the Ultimate Co-Sell with Microsoft Webinar Toolkit.

Designed you to guide you every step of the process of planning, managing, and running the perfect Co-Sell event. You'll get exclusive access to the best practices, recommended platforms, and Templates.

Running a Co-Sell event has never been more straightforward.

Gain access to all the templates you need for your co-sell webinar.

Besides all of the fantastic content featured in this Toolkit, you'll also have access to our incredible Templates. Each step of the Toolkit contains Templates especially created for making things easier for you and your team.


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About the Toolkit

What's the Toolkit for?

It is intended to be used by companies and businesses planning on making their next (or first) Co-Sell Webinar with Microsoft.

Why do I need a toolkit?

With this Toolkit, the hassle of planning, managing, and running a Co-Sell Webinar will be a thing of the past. You'll get great insight into the best practices and platforms to make the job easier than ever!

What's the content of the toolkit?

This Toolkit is divided into 5 steps of the process of planning and running a Co-Sell event. It will serve as a guide on how to: 

- Set up your Co-Sell Webinar Plan.
- Set up the Communications Engine of your Co-Sell Webinar.
- Set up the Registration Platform.
- Develop the Creatives and the Presentation for your Co-Sell Webinar.
- Publicize your Co-Sell Webinar.

How much does this toolkit cost?

You can get this Toolkit for just $147.

About Co-Selling Webinars

I'm stuck in the process of developing my Co-Sell Webinar with Microsoft. Can you help me?

Yes! You can book a one-on-one consultation meeting, and we'll gladly assist you. Please send us an email at eunicer@meylah.com.

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